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Improving Computer Literacy using The Raspberry Pi

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about me

Hi! My name is Ben. I write code. I teach. I do a few other things, but they won’t fit in the margin.


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For Your Information

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Be aware that this web-site, the FNTPi Project, and all its current material are in no way affiliated or endorsed by the University of Lethbridge, The First Nations, M├ętis, Inuit (FNMI), or First Nations Transition Program (FNTP) departments or any of its members. I do not speak on their behalf: the opinons and mistakes presented here are my own.

—Ben Burnett

Hello, World!

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Hello, world!

Maybe that should be ‘Hello, Pi!’, but that sounds too much like ‘Hello, Goodbye!’ which seemed like a questionable greeting when discussing money matters.

The intension of this is provide updates on the progress of the my little venture.

Stay tuned!

—Ben Burnett